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Meet Our Pathology Experts

Our expert pathologists are dedicated specialists who aid healthcare providers in making accurate diagnoses and improving patient care.

Pacific Pathology Partners provides cutting-edge anatomic and clinical pathology services in Seattle and around the world. Our medical staff boasts a combination of in-depth specialty and subspecialty expertise and years of wide-ranging experience working at inpatient and outpatient venues. Board certified and trained at the finest academic institutions around the world, our pathologists are leaders in their respective fields.

Many of our staff members have exercised prominent leadership roles in local, state, and national pathology organizations. Collectively, they have many years of practice experience in a diversity of settings, including community hospitals, major academic institutions, reference laboratories, tertiary medical centers, and deeply impoverished nations. The expert pathologists at Pacific Pathology Partners pride themselves on being accessible to both physicians and patients for direct consultation. They strive to deliver essential diagnostic information and recommendations that aid healthcare teams in making the best medical decisions.