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Urological Pathology

Bringing Diagnostic Excellence to Urological Pathology

Pacific Pathology Partners provides expert pathological diagnoses related to urological disorders.

Urological pathology is a subspecialty of surgical pathology that deals with diseases of the urogenital tract, bladder, and prostate. Pacific Pathology Partners provides skilled interpretation in the diagnosis of urological disease using state-of-the-art methods and equipment. Specimens used for testing include biopsies and resections of the prostate, bladder, testis, ureter, and kidney. We examine specimens for inflammatory, neoplastic, and non-neoplastic conditions, offering multiple testing options from one specimen collection.

Our urological pathologists have nearly 20 years of practice experience and are internationally recognized thought leaders in their field. We are known in particular for our expertise in the areas of prostate and bladder pathology. Given the range and depth of our pathologists’ experience, clinicians can expect to receive expert evaluations that enable them to provide patients with optimal treatment.

At Pacific Pathology Partners, we are dedicated to providing rich, highly informative diagnostic reports for physicians and patients. In addition to accurate primary diagnoses, we provide sound recommendations to guide therapeutic decisions. We consult with urologists in Seattle and throughout the United States as well as overseas, providing them with rapid diagnoses. We extend our consultative services to interested patients seeking a second opinion.