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Clinical Pathology

Providing the Best Diagnoses and Highest Level of Care

Pacific Pathology Partners offers convenient, reliable, and patient-centered clinical pathology services.

Clinical Pathology Services SeattleNearly 80% of medical care is dependent upon the results of laboratory tests. Clinical pathology is a specialty that emphasizes laboratory medicine to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. Pacific Pathology Partners provides a broad range of clinical pathology services to physicians, surgery centers, hospitals, and laboratories with competitive turnaround times. Our clinical pathologists use microscopes and other diagnostic tools to analyze and interpret bodily fluid specimens including blood, urine, sputum, spinal fluid, pleural fluids, joint fluids, feces, and abdominal fluids. We observe the levels of certain chemicals and substances in the body, making a diagnosis or recommendation for further study.

Pacific Pathology Partners uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide the highest level of clinical pathology services to our clients. We aren’t a “number factory” like other laboratories – we strive to offer significant value beyond numbers by providing a full profile detailing each patient’s condition. In addition to looking at patients’ specimens, our clinical pathologists consider the full medical history and other factors to make an accurate diagnosis. We are true clinical advisers, helping physicians determine the issues, identify a specific course of treatment, and monitor a patient’s condition. We are also available to answer any questions related to our tests.

A Reputation for Unsurpassed Clinical Practice

Pacific Pathology Partners is committed to delivering comprehensive, accurate, and timely clinical pathology services of superior quality. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of a network of highly experienced pathologists, each with areas of expertise and specialization. Not only do we work in tandem with physicians, we also provide direct consultation to patients and review the results of their tests with them.

The tremendous advances in medicine require the use of increasingly sophisticated pathological testing. Pacific Pathology Partners partners with the national laboratory LabCorp to provide leading-edge clinical pathology tests and services through a network of laboratories. LabCorp offers more than 4,000 tests, ranging from routine blood analyses to genetic testing. Through our strategic partnership with LabCorp, we’re able to offer a full range of clinical pathology services.