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Exceptional Diagnostic Services for Skin Biopsy

Pacific Pathology Partners delivers prompt, expert interpretation of skin specimens.

A subspecialty of dermatology and surgical pathology, dermatopathology focuses on the study of cutaneous disorders at the microscopic level. Dermatopathologists diagnose and evaluate biopsy specimens obtained from the skin, nails, and mucous membranes. With over 1,500 skin disorders in existence, dermatopathologists must possess a broad base of knowledge and work closely with dermatologists and other physicians to diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin diseases.

Pacific Pathology Partners offers an extensive range of dermatopathology testing and is committed to providing the highest quality patient care. Our board-certified dermatopathologists are particularly experienced in rendering diagnoses on skin biopsies. They are committed to providing timely, clear, and accurate diagnostic services.

We strive to be an asset to physicians, serving as easily-accessible advisers and direct consultant to the patients, bridging the gap between dermatopathologists and patients while keeping their primary care physicians at the forefront. By developing strong consultative relationships with our referring clinicians, we are able to deliver the best possible care for every patient. We also maintain a permanent database of all imaged files through PathForcedx for physicians who send their slides to us.