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Expert Cytological Interpretation and Consultation

Pacific Pathology Partners is dedicated to providing superior care to patients who require diagnosis based on the analysis of individual cells.

Cytopathology focuses the study and diagnosis of diseases at the cellular level. Most commonly used to diagnose cancer and detect cancer precursors, cytopathology also detects other conditions and infectious diseases. Pacific Pathology Partners provides a extensive range of services in the discipline of cytopathology, including cytologic interpretation of gynecological, non-gynecological, and fine needle aspiration (FNA) specimens. Our cytopathologists identify diseases, inflammation, cancer, and non-cancerous growths by observing the relationships between different types of cells and their arrangement.

Some cytology tests, such as the Pap smear, function as screening tests, while other cytology tests are used for the purpose of diagnosis. The cells that we examine have either been spontaneously shed by the body or are removed from tissues by abrasion or FNA. There are two board-certified cytopathologists on our team with diagnostic training in all areas of cytopathological testing, and significant expertise in the area of thyroid cytopathology.

Pacific Pathology Partners offers the highest quality consultative services to physicians, our cytopathologists serving as advisers and consultants to gynecologists, endocrinologists, head and neck surgeons, and other physicians. We work closely with both the physician and patient to discern appropriate treatment plans and monitor progression, expanding the role of pathologists in direct patient care.