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At the Forefront of Innovation in Digital Pathology

Pacific Pathology Partners is harnessing the power of cloud computing to expand pathology beyond geographic boundaries.

Healthcare organizations are under enormous pressure to increase access to high-quality patient care while controlling costs. Digital pathology solutions allow for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of pathology services. Digital pathology consists of scanning regular slides and tissue samples into digital images that can be viewed on a computer screen.

Technological advancements have lowered costs and improved the quality of digital imaging. As a result, more labs throughout the world will begin to rely on digital pathology to connect patients and physicians with rich diagnostic reports. Pacific Pathology Partners is involved with a new, cloud-based digital pathology solution called PathForcedx, which has made digital scanning technology available worldwide. PathForcedx enables physicians to manage digital images for consultation, peer review, and integration with diagnostic reports.  

Facilitating Collaborative Pathology and Remote Diagnostics

On top of enriching digital pathology workflow, PathForcedx enhances communication between clinicians, patients, and pathologists. PathForcedx provides physicians with the tools to bring accurate diagnoses to patients everywhere. In addition, the virtual care team at PathForcedx is comprised of board certified, subspecialty trained pathologists who are equipped to deliver primary and consultative diagnostic services.

PathForcedx is an affordable, innovative, and reliable global digital pathology network that offers an easier way to manage digital slides. PathForcedx allows you and your collaborators to review digital slides from any location with web access. Using PathForcedx boosts productivity and improves process efficiency, enabling doctors to transition seamlessly into the future.

Uniting Pathologist with Patients

Pathologists are key players in healthcare teams. Our pathologists are committed to being accessible and available for direct consultation.

Uniting Pathologist with Patients

Partnering with Physicians

Not only are we diagnosticians, we also partner with physicians to educate and treat their patients as well as guide their therapeutic...

Partnering with Physicians